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I had so much feels after reading the latest Magi chapter I started drawing to make me feel better. While drawing, I actually came to understand and appreciate what Ohtaka has done here.

Alibaba spent one year training at the Colosseum running around day after day with a bunch of sweaty men; Toto was pretty much the only female constant in his life. They hit it off pretty well and became friends bonding over their love of swinging pointy things and building muscles. They started to hang out more and more often and found themselves pretty compatible. Alibaba enjoyed Toto’s company and found her pretty attractive; Toto found Alibaba kinda pathetic but over the course of one year really started admiring Alibaba’s determination and growth in both mind and body. One day they decided to give dating a shot. People, isn’t this how relationships usually start?

It makes sense for Alibaba to find his first girlfriend during this time. He matured considerably after his rukhs and Cassim’s rukhs fused into one and (with a dash of teenage hormones) he’s finally ready not to just flirt with girls, but to have a relationship. Before, he considered close female friends who are physically powerful (Ex. Morgiana and Kougyoku) the same way he considered his other bros. I mean he slept in the same bed as Morgiana and thought nothing of it. His time in Reim has served him well and he realizes “Wow! Women who kick asses are really attractive!”
Now in his mind: Kick-ass girls ≠ bros (but instead) = his type of women.

Now can we take a moment to appreciate how good his taste in women is??? He likes strong, independent, physically and mentally capable, and intelligent women. He doesn’t care about petty things that usually bruise male prides like his girlfriend being taller than him or stronger than him. From his expressions this chapter, he clearly loves his girlfriend for who she is and WOW that is amazing. Alibaba, you’re amazing.

Now this doesn’t mean it’s the end for Alimor. Morgiana was just unfortunately not around when Alibaba finally got rid of that mental brick that was weighing him down in a sea of obliviousness. Alibaba will now start to see Morgiana in a new light. Their relationship will change, slowly and somewhat awkwardly, but most definitely towards a new direction. Toto will act as a catalyst because she will force both of them to think about what kind of relationship they should have now. The comfort of routine is out of the window; they’re forced to confront change and only when change happens there’s progress.

This is a new step forward for Alimor. What I’m afraid of is Toto getting hurt in the process. For some reason I feel like Toto is there as a tool for Ohtaka to teach Alibaba a new lesson. If it is a painful lesson like I dread, then it will be about love lost, stolen by a cruel and unfair world.

(Does this count as the first piece of Alitoto fan art?)

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