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This is my online scrapbook and diary. My art has been moved to its own blog.

The Scrapbook consists of random things I find on the internet. I reblog innovative ideas, humor, and plain awesome art. I use the Scrapbook as a way to collect inspiration and ideas. Useful tags in the Scrapbook include:
+Reference includes tutorials, photos, and drawings that can be referred to when making art.

The Diary is mostly under lock-and-key. Some parts I do make public are my own ideas, photos of my life, and anything relevant to me.
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Illuminated Cut Paper Lightboxes by Hari and Deepti

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Favourite Fashion: Alexander McQueen, Fall 2008 RTW

nnngh sweater dresses with lace..

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Just in case you forget this exists.

It exists.

Reblogging cause I need this.


yes please good ahh

Yes, reblogging for reasons.

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Asker magg--ma Asks:
Hello : what program and Brushes do you use to make your art usually? sorry for my English :)
drops-in-sea drops-in-sea Said:


Hey!  Most (if not all) of my illustrations are inked with Micron pens and/or a Pentel Pocket brush, then scanned into Photoshop.  The primary brushes I use are from Kyle Webster’s Mega Brush Pack and these Frenden brushes (Stumpy Pencil also has some good free ones to try out).  Then I usually throw a texture over them.  Lost & Taken is my go to for nice free textures.

Hope that helps!


People don’t like creases in posters! I know that I was taught never to fold art. So I devised a very uh… thrifty… method to prevent such crimes.

This is how I will be mailing my posters via letter-size envelopes. Would anyone be interested in this method? It’s about $18 cheaper than the alternative (mailing tubes).

Also feel free to try this out because I think it could be helpful to many.

Oh, and if there are concerns about me taping to the printed side, it is actually easier to peel off the tape from the oil-based ink. :)

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LOL. Lots of handsome guys :3 *le drools* :”) KYAAAA~